Fire Protection Academy


06.04.2022 Train-the-Trainer Brandschutzhelfer Ausbildung für Brandschutzhelfertrainer
07.04.2022 Lehrgang Q-geprüfte Fachkraft für Rauchwarnmelder

25.04.-28.04.2022 Sachkundelehrgang Grundkurs tragbare Feuerlöscher

27.04.-28.04.2022 Sachkundelehrgang natürliche Rauchund Wärmeabzugsanlagen (RWA/NRA)

29.04.2022 Sonderausbildung pyrotechnische Öffnergeräte (auch Wiederholungslehrgang)

02.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang zur befähigten Person (gem. BetrSichV)

03.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang fahrbare Feuerlöscher

04.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang Auffrischung Löschwassertechnik

05.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang Auffrischung tragbare Feuerlöscher

09.05.-13.05.2022 Qualifizierung zum Brandschutzmanager (BSM)

09.05.-10.05.2022 Kompetenztraining Gefährdungsbeurteilung m Brandschutz

11.05.-12.05.2022 Weiterbildung für Brandschutzbeauftragte (BSB) /Brandschutzmanager (BSM)

16.05.-19.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang Grundkurs tragbare Feuerlöscher

30.05.-31.05.2022 Sachkundelehrgang Löschwassertechnik

Unsere Bildungsangebote finden im Rahmen der 2G-Regelung statt.

Die 2G-Regel bedeutet, dass jeder Teilnehmer einen gültigen Nachweis einer vollständigen Impfung oder Genesung vorlegen muss.

We must check the evidence for this on the spot!

Ein fehlender Nachweis führt zum Ausschluss von der Veranstaltung.


Interessenten räumen wir die Möglichkeit ein an unseren Seminaren in Form von Online-Webinaren teilzunehmen, um auf diesem Weg von unseren Schulungen sowie unseren Aus- und Fortbildungen profitieren zu können. Der Inhalt ent- spricht dabei zu 100 % unseren Vor-Ort-Veranstaltungen.



Legal regulations and ordinances for fire protection in industry, trade, commerce and the private sector require continuous education and training. The handling of safety equipment as well as its maintenance and inspection must also be ensured. In our Jockel training centre "Am Rosengarten" we will provide you with well-founded training to prepare you for such situations.

Further education thrives on sound specialist knowledge and currency!

Therefore, current trends and changes in standards are continuously addressed in our training courses. Academy director Uwe Altmann develops practical solutions that bring you and your company decisively forward.  For the further development of your professional know-how, you can choose from many intensive seminars to deepen and refresh your knowledge.


Fire protection courses

Portable fire extinguishers

Course for obtaining the expertise according to DIN 14 406 Part 4 for the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers

Qualified person training course according to BetrSichV

Training as a competent person according to § 15 BetrSichV in conjunction with TRBS 1203 3.2

Mobile fire extinguishers

Course for obtaining the expertise for the maintenance of mobile fire extinguishers up to 250 kg content and training as a competent person according to TRBS 1203.

Extinguishing water technology

Course for obtaining the expertise according to DIN EN 671 T.3 and DIN 14462 for the maintenance of wall hydrants, tapping points and extinguishing water pipes

Fire doors, fire gates, fire flaps and fire protection closures

Course for obtaining the expertise for the maintenance of hold-open systems, fire protection doors, gates, flaps, fire protection closures

Course on natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS)

Course for obtaining the expertise for the maintenance of smoke and heat ventilation systems according to DIN 18232 and DIN EN 12102 Part 2

Pressure boosting systems / filling and draining stations

Training courses for pressure boosting systems (separation stations) and filling and draining stations for extinguishing water supply according to DIN 14462 (from conception to professional acceptance).


Training as a qualified electrician for specified activities

Training as a qualified electrician for specified activities in accordance with the accident prevention regulation "Electrical installations and equipment" DGUV V3.

Training as a fire protection officer

Training as a fire protection officer in accordance with the current vfdb guidelines

Qualification as fire protection manager

Certificate course for further training from fire protection officer to fire protection manager.

Further training for fire protection officers / fire protection managers

Fire safety officers and fire safety managers are obliged to undergo further training on a regular basis.

Training course Q-certified specialist for smoke alarms

Lehrgang zur Erlangung des Zertifikates „Q-geprüfte Fachkraft für Rauchwarnmelder“ gemäß DIN 14676.

Training as a system specialist for fire alarm technology

With our training as a system specialist for fire alarm technology, you will learn how to plan, install, commission and repair products from the Jockel fire alarm system range.

Specialist seminar on sprinkler maintenance

With this seminar, you will receive the theoretical basics about different extinguishing systems as well as theoretical knowledge about maintenance in accordance with VdS CEA 4001.

Competence training

Competence training in risk assessment in fire protection

Become a competent partner for your customers and learn how to advise on all aspects of risk assessment.

Train the trainer | Fire safety assistant training for fire safety assistant trainers

Become a trainer of fire protection assistants according to DGUV-I 205-23

Competence training for office staff | Fire extinguishers - extinguishing water technology

Professionally well-trained employees get more out of their work and contribute to increased turnover


Annual briefing for qualified electricians performing specified tasks

According to § 12 ArbSchG, § 4 of BGV A1, the employer has the duty to regularly instruct the insured persons on occupational safety and health, in particular on the hazards associated with their work.

Good to know!

We are happy to offer you the option of holding these seminars at your premises. A cost-precise, individually prepared offer with fixed agreements gives you the transparency you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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