First aid

Rapid initial response

This is what you need to consider

Burdensome regulation or sensible investment?

How quickly did you slip a cutter knife over your fingertip in the heat of the moment, or did you get ammonia in your eye? If an accident occurs, fast and professional first aid for the injured person may be vital. Every injured person is entitled to first aid and this must be provided in the event of any accident at work. This results from the employer's duty of care. Accidents at work are expensive. Qualified first aid with high-quality material helps the patient to recover and saves follow-up costs.

All workplaces, whether in large-scale industry, craft enterprises, small businesses or public services, are subject to the Workplace Ordinance. Basic requirements for first aid facilities and first aid materials in companies are derived from the accident prevention regulation BGV A1 "Principles of Prevention", analogously for federal states and municipalities GUV.Va1. The guideline BGR A1 provides concretisations and explanations in this regard.

For this, it is necessary that suitable first aid material is available and easily accessible. In our new range you will find functional first aid material in high quality from first aid cases and cabinets to miracle supplies and safety lights.

First aid in the workplace

It is one of the duties of an enterprise to provide first aid material in sufficient quantity. This depends on the size and nature of the business. Protected from dirt, moisture and high temperatures, the first aid kit should be located immediately where conditions require it. The maximum distance from permanent workplaces is 100 m and no more than one storey. There is a choice between portable first aid kits and first aid cabinets. The location must be marked with a white cross on a green background.

The right material

Company first-aid kits contain additional elements that may be required for special occupational accidents (e.g. fingertip bandages and eye compresses) and can therefore not be replaced by a first-aid kit for motor vehicles. In addition, it is recommended to expand these kits as needed, e.g. with tweezers, eye wash bottles or burn products.

The expiration - the inventory check

Used materials must be disposed of and replaced. Make sure that sterile materials have an expiry date. After expiry, they must be replaced, otherwise the employer could get into trouble.

That is what you should do

First-aid kits and the like are valuable means of providing assistance that must be relied upon. Therefore, they should be available, as well as first aiders who can intervene directly in an emergency.