Fire protection plans

Fire protection plans are essential for survival

This is what you need to consider

Escape and rescue plans, fire brigade plans and fire brigade maps are essential components of organisational fire protection. They are vital in the event of an emergency. Escape and rescue plans show not only your employees, but above all visitors who are usually unfamiliar with the area how to get to safety.

Fire service plans are examined by fire brigades and disaster teams on their way to the scene of the incident. This allows them to orientate themselves more quickly on site. A life-saving time advantage is created.

Coloured floor plans, plans that are not hung in the correct position or are provided with incorrect fire protection information do not provide orientation in an emergency. On the contrary: they make it more difficult to save lives and hinder the work of the emergency services. Operators are therefore obliged to keep their plans up to date.
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Is there a need for action?

With the installation of escape and rescue plans, you have already taken an important step towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial duty according to § 4 para. 4 of the Workplace Ordinance:

"The employer must take precautions to ensure that employees can immediately get to safety and be rescued quickly in the event of danger."

But are your plans actually still up to date?

Have conversion measures been carried out? Have first aid and fire protection facilities been changed? Have machines been moved and has the escape route changed as a result?

Any structural change to a workplace or your safety facilities must lead to a review and, if necessary, an amendment of the escape and rescue plan.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Quality
    Our specialist partners with many years of practical experience draw up and check all the necessary plans. They specialise in the consistent implementation of all applicable laws, safety regulations, rules and standards of fire protection documentation.
  • Cooperation
    If you wish, our inspections can take place together at your premises. We also coordinate with your responsible fire brigade.
  • Cost optimisation
    Our specialist planners can read in existing CAD floor plans and thus adapt them for you at low cost. If these are not available, they are quickly produced for you thanks to modern technology and are of course available for further use.
  • Experience
    You can plan with us. A fixed price offer provides cost certainty and ensures transparency.

Escape and rescue plans according to DIN 23601/ASR A2.3/ ASR A1.3

These inform your staff and especially visitors who are unfamiliar with the area about the quickest way out. They also provide a quick overview of the locations of fire extinguishers and fire alarms, as well as advice on what to do in the event of a fire or accident. To ensure that they withstand the expected period of use, our plans are also available in light- and moisture-resistant materials. Of course, we can also produce your plans in several languages if required.

Fire brigade plans according to DIN 14095

Fire brigade deployment plans secure an important time advantage. They are kept by the local professional fire brigade. While approaching the scene of the fire, the fire brigade can quickly get an overview of the conditions on site and thus quickly determine the right strategy for fighting the fire.

Fire brigade maps according to DIN 14675 / TAB

Fire brigade route maps are a prerequisite for fire alarm systems that are connected to the fire brigade. They show the fire brigade the route from the fire alarm control panel to the triggered fire alarm.

This information is for guidance and is not a substitute for a risk assessment and advice from a fire protection expert. All information contained on this page has been researched with the utmost care. Nevertheless, it can only be provided expressly without any guarantee. Errors and omissions excepted.

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