Jockel and sustainability

ISO 14001:2015 certified company

A considerate approach to the environment is of fundamental importance to us and shapes our business approach.


Economical use of paper, energy-conscious production and reduced use of packaging materials are something we consider a given. We also try to apply these standards to our products. In addition to fire protection requirements for greater extinguishing performance, environmental compatibility and disposal are also central focal points of the 21st century.

For this reason, we have committed ourselves to reducing the proportion of fluorine in all foam extinguishers to the absolute minimum, even if it is not yet possible to completely dispense with this in foam extinguishing agents from a fire protection perspective.

Eco-friendly products.

In addition to high extinguishing performance, we also see our responsibility in constantly improving the environmental compatibility of our products. With our innovative bio-foam fire extinguishers and our optimised water high-performance extinguishers, we have succeeded in reaching a major step.

The foam fire extinguishers can be used for incipient fires of fire class A of ember-forming substances, but also for incipient fires of fire class B. Since foam can be removed almost residue-free afterwards, it is ideal for residential areas, commercial and office areas. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications while having a low impact on the environment.

Due to their low specific density, water film-forming foam agents are able to form a closed vapour-tight and aqueous film on the surface of the burning material, even in the case of burning liquids. This barrier layer prevents the escape of vapours and gases. In this way, the oxygen supply to the burning material is cut off and the fire is smothered. In addition, foam has a cooling effect due to its water content.

Deliberately uncomplicated.

Our fire extinguishers are designed and developed in such a way that only a few maintenance tools are required because they can be used on several units - there is also virtually no need for special custom tools.

One of the essential pillars of our environmentally conscious green philosophy is formed by environmentally compatible or at least environmentally friendly extinguishing agents that allow for easy and ecologically sound disposal.

The "Green Generation" fire extinguisher series was created under this important guiding principle. We are continuously developing and expanding this range, enabling our customers to choose from a variety of environmentally friendly alternative extinguishing agents for firefighting.

Jockel foam, water, water mist and gel fire extinguishers from the Green Generation series contain no added fluorosurfactants and no solvents. Furthermore, they do not contain any PBT substances - i.e. substances that are persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic. With fire extinguishers from the Green Generation series, you can extinguish in an environmentally friendly and effective way and at the same time make an important contribution to sustainability in fire protection.

Because it

Energy-conscious and environmentally friendly production

Reduced use of paper and packaging materials

Purchase of green sustainable electricity from renewable energies

Avoiding the use of synthetic materials where possible

Use of more environmentally friendly company vehicles

PFAS regulation in
firefighting foams.