Durability of fire extinguishers

Manufacturer's recommendation for the duration of use of portable fire extinguishers from the company Feuerschutz Jockel

Portable fire extinguishers are designed for long-life, providing they are manufactured in line with the current state of the art and maintained and serviced following the applicable standards.

Nevertheless, depending on the conditions of use, these products are also subject to possible material-related aging, both concerning the pressure-bearing equipment, the container, and the extinguishing agent.

The maximum replacement periods for the extinguishing agents are described in the maintenance instructions. The duration of use of the fire extinguishers is as follows:

Stored-pressure extinguishers
Powder, water, foam

20 years

Cartridge operated extinguishers
Powder, water, foam

25 years

Gas extinguishers
Carbon dioxide

25 years

As this maximum service life depends to a large extent on the operating conditions, the prescribed maintenance work must be carried out following our instructions by a verifiably trained expert.


A necessary risk analysis by the operator, considering the conditions of use, for operation beyond this period would be economically disproportionate to the purchase of a new unit.

As the manufacturer of the unit, we will, therefore, provide the necessary maintenance instructions and approved spare parts for a maximum period of 20 or 25 years. Therefore, Feuerschutz Jockel expressly recommends that the units be replaced after 20 or 25 years at the latest.

Specific information for Milieukeur marked extinguishers: The maximum mandatory replacement time (depending on national regulations) for extinguishing agents of Milieukeur marked extinguishers is 6 years. Refilling and waste disposal only by authorized service companies.

Dutch market only: Milieukeur marked fire extinguishers (S6LJ 34 GREEN 2.0 und S9LJ 43 GREEN 2.0) should be handed over to a chemical waste centre or to an authorized service company after at least 20 years.