Extinguishing containers

Compact safety


Voluminous yet compact

Sometimes more is needed, especially when large quantities of extinguishing agent are required due to a high fire risk. Their compact dimensions ensure that the extinguishing containers fit through the smallest DIN door.

The extinguishing containers are available with all common extinguishing agents from powder to foam and carbon dioxide to gel to suit the different areas of application. The powerful heavyweight is easy to move. With its high-quality wheels, even longer distances can be covered. Even when the unit is in motion, it can be easily braked. Due to its enormous extinguishing capacity, the extinguishing container can even be an inexpensive alternative to possible stationary fire protection measures.

Configure your extinguishing container in just 4 steps

Your extinguishing container is manufactured very specifically according to your requirements. Besides the extinguishing agent, you can choose between two models: Plastic bonnet or roller blind housing. Both are flame-retardant. You also have a choice of brakes. Depending on your requirements, you can equip your extinguishing container with a standard parking brake or also a dead man's brake, so that you can easily stop the unit when it is mobile. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a 30 m or 50 m dimensionally stable hose.