Training as a qualified electrician for specified activities

1299,00 €

(plus VAT), p. p. incl. lunch, drinks and documentation



Training as a qualified electrician for specified activities in accordance with the accident prevention regulation "Electrical installations and equipment" DGUV V3.

Many areas of fire protection technology involve electrical activities during commissioning, maintenance and repair that were previously reserved for trained electricians. For this reason, service companies often had to employ specialists qualified exclusively for this purpose.

The amended Crafts Code now eliminates this double burden and, with the appropriate additional training, it is possible for employees to carry out specified activities on electrical components in connection with their actual core activity. This makes them more flexible and opens up new areas of activity.

In this seminar you will receive the qualification to carry out certain "specified" electrotechnical work professionally and safely. The acquired knowledge must be proven in a practical and theoretical examination.


5 Tage, 1. Tag ab 08:00 Uhr,
2nd - 5th day each from 08:00 hrs to approx. 16:00 hrs




BZI Remscheid, Wüstenhagener Str. 18–26

Your benefits

  • You will receive sound training in how to check the functions of electrical components or replace defective components.
  • You develop your competences
  • You complete a training course in an ISO-certified company

Aimed at

Employees of fire protection companies who are not trained electricians but have to carry out work on electrical installations.


As a participant, you have completed vocational training and have expert training in the areas in which you intend to work.


  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Legal basis
  • Dangers and effects of electric current
  • Protective measures
  • Electrotechnical requirements
  • Measuring electrical quantities in circuit technology
  • Practical execution of electrical work