Competence training in risk assessment in fire protection

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ASR A 2.2 specifies the regulations of the Workplace Ordinance with regard to operational fire protection. If ASR A 2.2 is implemented, the operator can claim the presumption of conformity and assume that he fulfils the requirements of the Workplace Ordinance.

The need for fire extinguishers and other fire protection measures depends on the fire hazard in the workplace. This is determined within the framework of a risk assessment in accordance with § 3 of the Workplace Ordinance and ASR A 2.2. ASR A 2.2 distinguishes between normal and increased fire hazards. Conducting a risk assessment is therefore an important pivotal point for operational fire protection.

Without the necessary expertise, the preparation of such a risk assessment becomes an insurmountable task for the employer or the operator. With our 2-day seminar, we teach you how to comprehensively advise your client on this and you learn what you need to consider when preparing such an assessment for your client.


2 days, each day from 09:00 h to approx. 16:00 h


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Your benefits

  • Expand your business with additional services and become a competent advisor to your customer
  • Individual learning through limited number of participants
  • You complete a training course in an ISO-certified company

Aimed at

Employees of fire protection companies, fire protection officers, fire protection managers. Participants without the below-mentioned requirements who would like to expand their knowledge are also welcome, even if they do not intend to carry out a risk assessment. In general, anyone interested can attend the seminar.


In order to be able to competently implement a risk assessment, participants should have the following qualifications: Training as a fire protection officer/fire protection manager with several years of professional experience and/or employees of a fire protection specialist company with corresponding expert training in relevant trades and several years of professional experience.


  • Legal basis for risk assessment
  • Structure and systematics of the risk assessment according to TRBS 1111
  • Requirements of TRBS 400/800
  • Application and implementation of ASRA 2.2
  • Fire protection from the insurance perspective
  • Checklists for practical application