Training as a fire protection officer

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The Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection e. V. (vfdb), the "Operational Fire Protection" section of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH and the Association of Fire Protection Officers in Germany (VBBD) have jointly revised the guidelines on the training and activities of fire protection officers. (VBBD) have jointly revised the guidelines on the training and activities of fire protection officers.

The national guidelines are published with identical wording as DGUV Information 205-003, vfdb 12-09-01:2014- 08(03) and VdS 3111.

The previous guidelines BGI/GUV-I 847, vfdb 12-09/01:2009-03 and VdS 3111 are thus obsolete.

The fire safety officer is a trained person appointed by the employer to support and advise the employer on fire safety issues. In this way, the employer can fulfil his responsibility for fire protection (§3ArbSchG, §618 para.1BGB, §62 para.1 HGB) and delegate tasks that he cannot perform himself to a suitable person, the fire protection officer.

The fire safety officer has a wide range of tasks. In addition to his advisory function, he takes care of the preparation and updating of fire protection regulations, the monitoring of the maintenance of fire protection equipment in the company and the elimination of fire protection deficiencies.

The appointment of a fire safety officer can not only increase the safety level but also lead to a positive assessment in the premium structure of a fire insurance.This course enables prospective fire safety officers to carry out their activities in the field of structural and organisational fire protection in a legally secure manner.


4 days, starting at 09:00





Your benefits

  • You will receive practical training to become a fire safety officer
  • Participant limitation for individual learning
  • You complete a training course in an ISO-certified company

Aimed at

Fire protection officers, fire fighters, occupational safety specialists, employees who are to organise fire protection, engineers, architects


  • Legal basis
  • Flammability theory
  • Fire and explosion hazards
  • Structural fire protection
  • Technical fire protection
  • Hand-operated fire-fighting equipment
  • Organisational fire protection and fire protection management
  • Authorities, fire brigades, insurers
  • Final examination

Please register for Part 1 and Part 2 on the date of your choice.
All parts end on the last day of the seminar around 12:00 h.

The eight-day fire safety officer training (spread over two weeks) with 64 teaching units, 45 minutes each, meets the requirements of DGUV Information 205-003 as well as the guidelines vfdb 12-09/01:2014-11 (03) and VdS 3111.

Depending on previous training, the training for fire safety officers can also be completed as a shortened training with 34 teaching units. Participation in the examination is only possible with appropriate previous training.

Group of participants:
Participants of the full training (64 units) must have at least completed a technical vocational training or have at least 5 years of professional experience in the technical field. Ideally, you have basic knowledge of occupational safety or fire protection. Similarly, occupational safety specialists and safety officers with appropriate certificates can participate. An intermediate examination is held at the end of the first week.
Participants of the shortened training (34 UE) refers to active firefighters who have completed training as a platoon leader, or persons who can prove comparable training. Participants who only want to take the examination must be able to prove at least equivalent training. In individual cases, the examination board will decide on admission to the examination. Please contact us.