Train the trainer | Fire safety assistant training for fire safety assistant trainers

299,00 €

(plus VAT), p. p. incl. lunch, drinks and documentation





Training for fire protection assistant trainers according to DGUV Information 205-023.

A fire safety assistant is a person appointed by the employer to carry out certain fire-fighting tasks in the event of a fire.

He is appointed in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) § 10 Para. 2 "First aid and other emergency measures", the workplace directive ASR A 2.2 "Measures against fires" and the DGUV regulation 1 "Principles of prevention".
The German Social Accident Insurance e. V. (DGUV), together with various fire protection associations and federations, has defined the requirements in theory and practice for the trainer of fire protection assistants to ensure that what is learned can be implemented in a safe manner.

With this seminar you will learn how to fulfil these requirements in a legally secure way. After the seminar, you will receive a customisable PowerPoint training presentation and a certificate. Position yourself and your service quality with this trainer training.


 1 day, from 09:00 h to approx. 16:00 h


Certificate of attendance



Your benefits

  • You develop your competences
  • You complete a training course in an ISO-certified company
  • You position yourself and your service quality

Aimed at

Employees of fire protection companies and fire protection officers who would like to conduct fire protection assistant training independently


Qualified persons who have appropriate professional training, professional experience or a relevant professional activity in fire protection carried out in a timely manner and who regularly undergo further training in this field.


  • Legal basis
  • Power Point presentation on the content of the training
  • Exchange of experiences