Competence training for office staff | Fire extinguishers - extinguishing water technology

429,00 €

(plus VAT), p. p. incl. lunch, drinks and documentation




The demands on office staff of fire protection companies are growing every day. Customers expect not only a sovereign commercial handling of their concerns, but also more and more answers to technical questions up to an initial consultation. Clear communication and expert knowledge are desired by business customers right from the first contact. If these conversations are not successful, not only does the image of the fire protection company suffer, but valuable sales opportunities remain untapped.

With this seminar, your office staff will not only be trained in general fire protection issues. The in-depth coverage of the topics of mobile and portable fire extinguishers and extinguishing water technology allows you to answer initial customer questions independently. In this way, you strengthen your competence with your customers and relieve your technicians.

In addition, the participants are put in a position to independently check offers for consistency and, if necessary, uncover further sales potential that they can use. Queries to your technicians are reduced, thus relieving other departments.


3 days, each day from 09:00 h to approx. 16:00 h


Training certificate



Your benefits

  • Relief for the technicians through competent office clerks
  • Increasing turnover by recognising potential
  • Reduction of errors in the preparation of offers
  • Image improvement through competent staff
  • You complete a training course in an ISO-certified company

Aimed at

Clerks of fire protection companies


  • Fire protection and safety basics for portable and mobile fire extinguishers
  • Design and components of fire-fighting water systems
  • Laws, ordinances and rules incl. main topic ASR A 2.2
  • Requirements for the maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers and extinguishing water equipment