Foam extinguishers for polar fires

With more safety for the user

Foam extinguishers for polar fires

Especially in the industrial sector, where alcohols and alcohol mixtures are used, but also in medical facilities where, for example, disinfectants are stored, fire protection must be met with more differentiated solutions.

The Jockel foam JoMix AB-AR is an alcohol-resistant foam which is suitable for extinguishing polar fires. When extinguishing polar fires, it forms a polymer film between the burning material and the extinguishing foam. In this way, the extinguishing foam is not destroyed by the alcohol of the burning liquid and can fully develop its extinguishing effect through a closed oxygen-inhibiting foam blanket.

For an optimal result, the matching of extinguishing agent and extinguisher is crucial. A stable coherent polymer film, which is decisive for a successful extinguishing operation, can only be formed with a gentle foam discharge through the extinguishing nozzle.

A true all-rounder:

Suitable for extinguishing polar and non-polar liquids

Since the extinguisher can be used for both non-polar and polar fires, this extinguisher is ideal especially when the user is not 100% certain about the nature of the burning liquids or their mixtures.

More than a special extinguisher:

With an extinguishing capacity of 6 LE, the fire extinguisher meets the minimum requirements for basic equipment of ASR A2.2.

Application areas

The fire extinguisher can be used for incipient fires of fire class A of ember-forming substances, but also for incipient fires of fire class B. Due to its special suitability, it is suitable for incipient fires of both polar and non-polar liquids. Possible areas of application are therefore:

  • industrial sectors,
  • chemical, petrochemical industry
  • care sectors
  • distillation plants
  • storage of disinfectants, varnishes, solvents and spirit
  • perfume production
  • etc.

Universal Line / JX Series

Charge extinguisher for polar and non-polar liquids / Fire extinguisher with alcohol-resistant foam

  • Can be used to extinguish polar and non-polar liquids
  • 6 LE - meets the minimum requirements for basic equipment according to ASR A2.2
  • Easy handling with immediately recognisable functionality
  • Targeted and convenient extinguishing agent dosing via hose with 360° rotatable extinguishing pistol
  • Approval according to DIN EN 3

The Jockel modular system

The design of all Jockel fire extinguishers within a product family is almost identical. Many spare parts can be used for more than one type, e.g. tanks, draught-protection devices, CO2 cartridges. At the same time, only a few maintenance tools are needed. They can be used for several units. Therefore, Jockel fire extinguishers are not only particularly easy to maintain, but also economical.