Metal fire extinguisher

Special solution for industry


Metal fires: hot and dangerous.

In general, metal fires are very dangerous due to their very high temperatures. Therefore, a fire class D was introduced specifically for metal fires. In order to extinguish these fires successfully, a special extinguishing powder was developed. In order not to whirl up the burning metal chips and thus spread the fire, the extinguishing agent is applied to the fire almost without pressure via a special applicator (trickle nozzle). In order not to endanger the user, the metal fire extinguisher is equipped with a lance.

The Jockel metal fire extinguishers are not only suitable for extinguishing magnesium or aluminium fires, but also for lithium fires, which can develop particularly high temperatures.

Extinguishing effect

To extinguish metal fires, a special metal fire powder, which consists largely of salts, is applied to the burning metal. The extinguishing powder melts and thus encapsulates the fire under a largely air-impermeable fusion crust.

Safety notice:

Thermal processes with extremely high temperatures make fighting metal fires a special challenge. Therefore, we recommend a separate instruction of the personnel.

Areas of application for metal fire extinguishers:

Metal and steel sectors, turning shops, waste disposal and recycling companies, etc.

PM12JX - Powder fire extinguisher M

Charging extinguisher

  • Comfortable extinguishing thanks to an extinguishing pistol that can be turned off
  • Lance for better handling and higher safety distance
  • Proven charging technology for long service life
  • ideal fire fighting of fire class D
  • Also suitable for lithium-ion fires
  • Extinguishing agent with high reaction and temperature stability
  • Frost-proof
  • „Made in Germany“

P 50 MJ - Powder fire extinguisher M

Charging extinguisher

  • Ideal when large quantities of extinguishing agent are required due to high fire risk
  • Practical one-man operation
  • maneuverable chassis for use in confined spaces
  • Optional base for high stability on uneven surfaces or with castor wheels for better maneuverability
  • Proven charging technology for high durability
  • Separately replaceable CO2 propellant gas cylinder
  • for special risks of fire classes M
  • frost-proof extinguishing agent
  • „Made in Germany“

The Jockel modular system

The design of all Jockel fire extinguishers within a product family is almost identical. Many spare parts can be used for more than one type, e.g. tanks, draught-protection devices, CO2 cartridges. At the same time, only a few maintenance tools are needed. They can be used for several units. Therefore, Jockel fire extinguishers are not only particularly easy to maintain, but also economical.