Green Generation (environmentally friendly extinguishers)

For sustainable fire protection


Environmentally friendly extinguishing with 100% fluorine-free foam fire extinguishers

How can we develop products without endangering the livelihoods of future generations? Our earth must remain worth living on: For our children and grandchildren. We face this challenge again and again and are convinced that both authorities, companies and consumers can make the world more sustainable. In a fire, pollutants or even toxic gases are released during the combustion process, which can pollute the environment and endanger people. The sooner a fire can be extinguished, the smaller the damage to people, animals and property. But the impact on the environment is also limited. At the same time, less extinguishing agent has to be used, which is expensive to dispose of afterwards in a contaminated state.

Why are fluorosurfactants in foams a concern?

Fluorosurfactants have a major impact on the environment and on the quality of our drinking water. Until now, it has not been technically possible to completely dispense with fluorine in extinguishing agents, if one wanted to achieve a good to high and fast extinguishing result and thus limit the damage of a fire to a minimum. Fluorine enters the groundwater through the soil and is subsequently absorbed by humans and animals through drinking water, food or the skin. Fluorine is persistent, accumulates in the blood, organs or tissues of living organisms and is harmful to health. It can damage liver function and disrupt the body's hormone system and is suspected of being carcinogenic. Fluorine is also frequently found in many other everyday products, such as coated cookware or rain-repellent clothing.
A responsible approach to nature is of fundamental importance to us and has always determined our actions. Time and again, we set new standards to further develop our products in terms of fire protection and safety as well as environmental compatibility. Our incentive is to have the strictest criteria in the industry and to constantly develop them further.

What distinguishes the Jockel fire extinguisher series GREEN Foam?

We have finally succeeded in completely eliminating fluorine from our GREEN series foam extinguishers. Furthermore, these extinguishers do not contain any solvents. According to current scientific findings, this is a foam extinguishing agent that can be used without hesitation in fires of fire classes A and B and even in polar fires. This means that it can be used in a wide range of applications with little impact on the environment. In this way, we set completely new standards in the field of both continuous pressure and charging technology - and that Made in Germany.
Our environmental thinking does not end with the product: an economical use of paper, an energy-conscious and environmentally friendly production as well as a reduced use of packaging material and the highest possible recyclability of our product are also criteria that are tested and improved again and again and are thus an integral part of our contribution to sustainable action; for our earth and thus the future of our children and grandchildren.

Design and safety features:

The extinguishing agent JoMix AB AR GREEN is completely free of fluorine components and solvents. It consists of almost 100% natural raw materials. The extinguishing agent is neither persistent, bioaccumulative nor toxic.

The universal extinguishing agent

Since the AB extinguisher can be used for both non-polar and polar fires, it is ideal especially when the user is not 100% certain about the nature of the burning liquids or their mixtures.

Extinguishing effects of JoMix AB AR GREEN:

  1. Oxygen cut-off: The special extinguishing technique creates a stable foam carpet that cuts off the oxygen supply to the source of the fire.
  2. Cooling: In addition, the extinguishing agent extinguishes the fire by additionally cooling it down.

Special foam nozzle

The foam nozzle plays an essential role in the perfect coordination of technology and extinguishing agent. Designed as an innovative Venturi nozzle, the innovative Jockel foam nozzle draws in air from the surroundings and swirls it with the extinguishing agent. A particularly dense foam carpet is created and seals off the oxygen from the source of the fire so that the fire is extinguished.

S6JX Green E27

Cartridge operated extinguisher GREEN E

  • High extinguishing comfort thanks to an extinguishing pistol that can be placed down
  • Proven charging technology for long service life
  • 100 % fluorine- and solvent-free extinguishing agent
  • Fire classes A and B
  • Suitable for electrical systems under voltage (up to 1,000 volts)
  • „Made in Germany“

S 50 J AR Externa GREEN

Rechargeable foam fire extinguisher GREEN E mobile

  • Ideal when large quantities of extinguishing agent are required due to high fire risk
  • Practical one-man operation
  • Manoeuvrable chassis for use in confined spaces
  • With castors for better manoeuvrability
  • Proven charging technology for high durability
  • Separately replaceable CO2 propellant gas cylinder
  • 100 % fluorine-free extinguishing agent (without PFC / PFT / PFAS / fluorosurfactants)
  • without AFFF
  • 100 % lösungsmittelfrei
  • Fire classes A and B
  • additionally applicable for fires of polar substances (alcohols)
  • „Made in Germany“

Beyond the fire extinguishersISO 14001:2015 certified company

Economical use of paper, energy-conscious production and reduced use of packaging materials are something we consider a given. We also try to apply these standards to our products. In addition to fire protection requirements for greater extinguishing performance, environmental compatibility and disposal are also central focal points of the 21st century.