Car extinguisher

Compact car extinguisher for more safety on board!

Car extinguisher

The Explorer

There is a lot of power inside the Mini extinguisher. Its extinguishing powder ensures a strong extinguishing effect in the event of an emergency and therefore quick extinguishing success, which can often be life-saving. The Entdecker PSF 1 JM8 rightly gives you a feeling of safety, no matter where the journey takes you.

Mini Line Jockel Explorer PSF 1 JM8

Mini powder fire extinguisher

The new car extinguisher " Explorer" from Jockel impresses with its extremely compact dimensions and therefore advances to a space-saving companion in vehicle interiors.

Together with you, we develop, design and project perfect fire protection solutions based on the specifications of your seating systems.

PFAS regulation in
firefighting foams.