Jockel Li 9 M fire extinguisher

Permanent pressure extinguisher
75 F

The new lithium-ion fire extinguishers are the latest development in environmentally friendly firefighting.

NTA 8133 tested 9 litre extinguisher for modern fire hazards

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Quality steel container for a long service life with UV-resistant outer coating and thermoplastic inner coating
Extinguishing hose with lance and nozzle
User-friendly operation in just 3 steps
Economical maintenance thanks to standardised spare parts (JOCKEL modular system)
Test and filling valve
Fluorine-free Jockel fire extinguisher - without per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS)
Our appliances can be used for 20 years with regular maintenance and normal use.
This high-quality fire extinguisher is manufactured by us in Germany in our environmentally certified company in premium quality.
Nozzle specially adapted to the extinguishing agent for optimum extinguishing agent jet
Extinguishes class A fires (solids and embers)
Extinguishes class F fires (grease fires)

Ideal for the following applications:

Lithium ion batteries


Technical data:

Product series: Standard
Triggering: Pressure lever
Design: Permanent pressure extinguisher
Extinguishing agent: Aqueous solution for grease fires
Functional area: 0°C to +60°C
Spray duration: 51 seconds
Spray range: 4 metres
Blowing agent: Air / N2
Accessories: Sturdy foot ring made of impact-resistant plastic
Test valve: Equipped with separate test and filling valve
Rating A: 34A
Rating F: 75 F
Extinguishing units: 12
Extinguishing agent quantity: 9 l
Width Approx: 380 mm
Height Approx: 560 mm
Weight Approx: 15.0 KG
Safety note Take care with electrical installations. Up to 1,000 volts minimum distance 1 m.