Fire extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing systems

Object and system protection round the clock


Automatic fire protection and extinguishing systems are an integral part of modern protection concepts. From the small "unguarded" server room to the entire company complex, we support you in protecting your property reliably and safely. Computer-supported and completely independently functioning extinguishing systems, which are triggered automatically as soon as they detect a fire, ensure optimal system and property protection around the clock.

We are happy to take up your challenge.

You want to protect your property, but always have to keep an eye on the budget?

Do you need space-saving solutions that can be easily and almost inconspicuously integrated into your property?

You need the ideal extinguishing agent that extinguishes quickly and efficiently in case of fire without contaminating unaffected areas and limits the damage caused by the extinguishing agent itself?

You must be able to rely on the fact that all laws and directives are complied with and that your plant will not be out of line with the state of the art tomorrow?

Do you want your solution to benefit from more favourable premiums with your fire insurer?

Then contact us. Together with experienced partners and state-of-the-art technologies, we plan and implement your extinguishing system - tailored to your individual needs. We protect your property, your employees, your processes, assets and the environment safely and competently. Our experts guarantee you individual, needs-oriented advice and professional implementation.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reliable extinguishing systems for every budget
  • Computerised and autonomous functionality
  • Comprehensive property protection
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Environmentally adapted solutions
  • Compact extinguishing systems
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Wide range of applications
  • Requirement-oriented counselling
  • Professional implementation

Intelligent extinguishing systems

In order to optimally protect your property, we adapt your solutions to your specific applications, fire risks, local requirements and regulations. We provide reliable support from risk analysis, system planning, installation and commissioning to maintenance.

"The all-rounders"

Powder extinguishing systems

The universally applicable extinguishing powder is fast and highly efficient.

Extinguishing effect:
Its extinguishing effect in fire classes A, B and C is based on the anticatalytic effect. The intervention of the powder particles in the combustion process causes a chain termination reaction. In fire classes A (ember fires) and D (metal fires), the extinguishing powder additionally exerts a blocking effect on the combustibles by forming suffocating melting layers. This prevents the supply of oxygen to the source of the fire and the heating of the immediate fire environment and prevents re-ignitions.

Application areas
Industry, refineries

"Residue-free extinguishing"

Gas extinguishing systems carbon dioxide and inert gases

Gaseous extinguishing agents extinguish without leaving residues. They are mainly used in sensitive industrial and technical areas.

Extinguishing effect:
distribute themselves optimally and suffocate the fire quickly and effectively (smothering effect). Depending on the application, carbon dioxide or inert gases are used. The inert gases include nitrogen (IG 100), argon (IG 01), argon & nitrogen mixtures (IG 55), as well as argon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide mixtures (IG 541).

Application areas:
Powder coating chamber,
hazardous materials storage and chemical storage,
Computing and IT

"Water mist with high pressure or fine spray".

Water extinguishing systems

Water is considered the oldest extinguishing agent known to mankind.

Extinguishing effect:
Its extinguishing effect is based on cooling. With the help of innovative nozzle technologies in high-pressure and fine spray, the optimum extinguishing effect is achieved with water through a fine droplet structure. In addition, water is usually available in sufficient quantities at low cost.

Application areas:
Rail vehicles,
machine protection and test benches,
Tunnels and exhaust systems

"Active and preventive"

Gel extinguishing systems

Extinguishing with gel is primarily the solution for problem fires such as those in the plastics processing industry, in recycling plants or at landfill sites.

Extinguishing effect:
The gel, which is produced by adding an additive to the extinguishing water, can be easily sprayed onto the source of the fire and forms a cooling and air-impermeable layer there. The fire is suffocated. Objects treated with this gel hardly ignite. The extinguishing gel evaporates almost residue-free.

Application areas:
Plastics processing industry, landfills

Extinguishing water technology and accessories (PDF/German)