Smoke detectors: One (live-saving) step ahead

Why is a smoke detector essential? Or in other words: Why do you fasten your seatbelt when driving?

Basically it means that a smoke detector for your safety at home is the same thing as wearing a seatbelt in your car. Especially at night because when you are asleep you are not able to smell.
At this point escaping is nearly impossible. Only a few breathings of toxic smoke are necessary to die on asphyxia.


Smoke is fast. Within minutes the toxic gas spreads everywhere, which forms/arises/ emerges from different plastic material in your household. Generally you have 2 – 4 minutes to escape. Smoke is dark and heavy and complicates your breathing, so that you easily lose your orientation in your own home.

In an emergency a smoke detector gives you not only an advance, to get you and your family safe. A Smoke Detector saves your life.

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The duty to install detectors

To protect its citizen many of the German federal states obliged people to install smoke detectors in sleeping rooms and escape routes.
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Which Smoke Detectors is the right one for me?

Stand-alone Smoke Detectors, wireless interlinked Detectors or a comprehensive Alarm-System? Find out what you need here
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How much is a smoke detector?

What´s a fair price for a quality smoke detector? Where is the difference? – Make a quality check here

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Standalone detectors

For more security in your home we offer detectors with a warrantee of 10 years on battery and body. Find your standalone Detector here

Standalone detectors

Wireless interlinked smoke detectors

Get to know our easy to install wired smoke detectors with a warrantee of 10 years.
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Interlinked smoke detectors


Considering combining fire protection and protection against burglary? With our professional
alarm-systems you always know what´s happening in your home.
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Alarm systems

Gas detectors

A Gas detector offers you protection against danger of explosion if you have a gas heating or gas connection in your home- find out more

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CO detectors

these detectors are provided with an early warning system and sets alarm on time when the CO-concentration gets dangerous.

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Heat detectors

Steam in bathrooms and kitchens as well as dust in garages irritates/confuses a smoke detector. In this case a Heat-Detector is the best alternative. Find out more
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Installation and maintenance

What is important and what about dokumentation?

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What is important and should be taken into consideration when shopping
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How does an optical detctor work?

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