Smoke and heat extraction systems


Smoke and heat extraction systems are an important part in constructional fire protection. It assures that in the event of fire smoke and fire gases are extracted from inside the building to outside.
There is a distinction to be made between natural and mechanical smoke and heat extraction systems. Natural smoke and heat extraction systems ensure that combustion products or gases are able to escape from ceiling- or wall openers. If there is no opportunity for a natural system, mechanical smoke and heat extraction systems are installed with special smoke extracting ventilators. These systems are triggered either manually or automatically by fire alarm systems.

Effects of smoke and heat extraction systems

At a fire not only flames arise but mainly smoke, heat and rising gases. Smoke builds up from the ceiling downwards until the entire room or building is completely filled with smoke. Thanks to the smoke extraction systems the “natural” way of smoke can be assured in order to keep the thermal lift continued. Installed fresh air openings in lower areas and exhaust air openings in the upper part provide the necessary balance (smoke removal) or chimney effect.

Functions of a smoke and heat extraction system
-    Keeping escape and rescue routes clear
-    Alleviation of fire fighting
-    Avoiding expansion of fire
-    Protecting goods, interior and buildings
-    Preventing consequential damages
-    Faster evacuation of humans and animals
-    Conservation of the environment: Minimize use of extinguishing agents and prevent extinguishing damages.


Smoke and heat extraction systems
Electrical, pneumatical and pyrotechnical systems.

Different systems for different solutions.

Due to the system parts any kind of windows, flaps and skylight domes can be opened automatically manually, electrically or pneumatically. Considering your requirements which kind of system should be installed: Whether the system should only be used in case of an emergency or it can also be used for general air ventilation.

Pneumatical smoke and heat extraction system

The advantage of a pneumatical controlled system is that even at a total blackout the system is still fully operational. Activated by a CO2 alarm box or a thermal release integrated with a glass bulb, which will be triggered automatically at 68 degrees directly under the dome.
Due to its less material usage the pneumatical system is easy to maintain.

Electrical smoke and heat extraction system

Electrical systems are either activated manually by a push button switch or automatically by smoke detectors. The advantage of an electrical solution is that the system is supplied with an optional back up battery in case of a blackout. Besides the main safety appliance the system can also be used for general air ventilation. Further additional wind and rain detectors can be installed for an automatic closing of the air openings. Retrofitting in existing systems are potential.

Pyrotechnical smoke and heat extraction system

Also called pyrotechnical rapid openers are systems which ignite itself with a gas operated explosion.
Due to its extreme high risk of injury a special attention should be made. Handling only for authorized experts. The Operator should have an approved expert training for this particular pyrotechnical system.



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