Gel fire extinguishers

especially for fires in scopes of eMobility,
plastics processing industry and
recycling industry

Active and preventative: extinguishing with gel

Extinguishing with gel is the most effective solution, especially when it comes to risky fires e.g. in plastic processing industry, in recycling companies or particularly for storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries. The gel can be sprayed easily on the source of fire and creates a cooling and airtight layer which smothers the fire.


The gel´s key characteristic is that it adheres to even difficult surfaces which leads to an area-wide extinguishing in an optimal way. Apart from its effective and fast
extinguishing, these special Jockel extinguishers of our gel-series can also be used preventative. Objects that are treated with this gel can barely ignite. Another advantage of our gel is that it evaporates residue-free.



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