Environmentally friendly extinguishing:

Fluorine- and solventfree foam extinguishers


On behalf of our children

How can we develop products without endangering the base of life of upcoming generations? Our planet must remain liveable: For our children and grandchildren. This is the challenge we are facing over and over again and we are convinced that authorities as well as companies and consumers can create a sustainable world.


Why are fluorosurfactants questionable in foams?

Fluoric tensides have a great impact on the environment and on the quality of our drinking water. Up to now, it was technically not possible to completely renounce the use of fluoric in extinguishing agents wanting to achieve a good and fast extinguishing result and therefore limiting the damage of a fire to a minimum.  

Fluoric seeps through soil into the groundwater and finally is taken up by humans and animals via drinking water, food or skin. Fluoric is persistent, accumulates in the blood, organs or in the tissue of living organisms and damages health. It can damage the liver function, disturb the endogenous hormone system and is suspected of being carcinogenic. Fluoric is also often found in many other products of daily use for example in coated cookware or water repellent clothing.

A responsible handling with nature is of fundamental meaning for us and determines our actions. Time and again we set new standards in order to develop our products further in regard to fire protection and safety as well as environmental sustainability. Our motivation is to have the strictest criteria of the branch and continuously develop these further.


What are the special features about Jockel-foam extinguisher line GREEN?

Today, we have finally managed to completely renounce fluoric in our foam extinguishers of the series GREEN. And above that the extinguishers do not contain any solvents. According to current scientific knowledge this foam extinguishing agent can be applied without hesitation for firefighting of class A and even to the polar fires. Therefore its range of application is broadly diversified providing at the same time a low impact on the environment. This way we set new standards in the area of permanent technology as well as in the recharging technology
– and all of this Made in Germany.

Our environmental thinking does not end with the product: An economical use of paper, an energy – conscious and environmentally friendly product as well as a reduced use of packaging material and a highest possible recycling of our products are also factors which continuously undergo control and improvement and therefore are an established part of our contribution to a sustainable action; for our planet and therefore for the future of our children and grandchildren.



Design and Safety features:

And the world goes green

The extinguishing agent JoMix AB AR GREEN works without fluorine components and solvents. It is made of almost 100% natural raw materials. The extinguishing agent is not persistent nor bio –accumulative or toxic.


Allround-fire extinguishing agent

Because the AB – extinguisher can be applied to nonpolar and also polar fires, the extinguisher is especially ideal when the user has no 100% certainty of the character of the burning liquids or its mixture. Extinguishing effect of JoMix AB AR GREEN:

1. Exclusion of oxygen: With the special extinguishing technology a stable foam layer is achieved which interrupts the oxygen supply to the source of fire.

2. Cooling: Beyond that the extinguishing agent extinguishes by additionally cooling the fire down.

Special foam nozzle

The foam nozzle plays an essential role when perfectly aligning technology and extinguishing agent. As innovative designed Venturi nozzle, the Jockel nozzle draws air from its surrounding and swirls it with the extinguishing agent.
A special thick foam layer develops and separates the oxygen from the fire source so that the fire extinguishes.

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