Explorer: Compact car extinguisher from Jockel

for more safety on board!


For men and women
For tour, cross and cabriolet drivers
For beginners, newcomers and starter-ups
For frequent, racing and long-distance drivers

For everyone who want to discover the world safely: car fire extinguisher PSF1JM

It is great to explor the world by car. But it is even better when you are safe. With the mini fire extinguisher Explorer PSF 1 JM8 on board you can enjoy the ride with family or friends with a clear conscious and without having to give up space in the car.
We need space in our cars: for our shopping bags, our luggage, for our life. Therefore, the Jockel fire extinguisher is designed perfectly for space-saving needs and is actually even in the smallest car the ideal companion.
The inside of the extinguisher is full of power. Its extinguishing powder ensures in individual cases for a strong extinguishing effect and therefore for a fast fire-fighting success, which is often crucial for life. Rightly the Explorer PSF 1 JM8 gives a safe feeling, no matter wherever the journey may go to.


Design and safety features:

Smart and flat design

The compact and very flat dimensions create more space within the interior of the car.

Innovative action

Just activate the extinguisher by using the yellow button; with the red button you dose the extinguishing agent easily.

Strong extinguishing power

With an extinguishing rating of 8A 34B C, the PSF 1 JM8 is a good assistant for incipient fires.

Rounded edges

These are specially manufactured according to the standards of the automotive industry for more safety on board.

Manometer with pressure monitoring

Is the display within the green area, the extinguisher has enough pressure. But also this safety product should be maintained regularly.

Tested safety

You can rely on that. The extinguisher carries the GS-certificate (Tested Safety) and is, of course, also accredited according to DIN EN3.


Technical Data:


Rating Discharge time/
discharge range
1 kg ABC Standard 8 A 34 B C 10 sek.
7 m
238 mm 135 mm 2,1 kg






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