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Color Up-design fire extinguishers

Fires in households are not as rare as one may think. A burn mark or a dangerous situation everyone has experienced before where the candle almost tipped over or the buns in the oven looked more like coal chunks than Sundays ‘pastry. Good, if that is all. But we can never be sure. Carelessness is in today´s time one of the main causes of fire. Often fires are started by technical defects. Safe is who in such a situation quickly grabs the fire extinguisher to easily fight the fire in its early phase.

The designs of the new Jockel-fire extinguisher Line Color Up are modern and classy or lively and provocative. But overall they all have one thing in common: They protect you, your family and your home effectively in case of an incipient fire.

The Jockel-Design Extinguishers are true all-round talents in the household. With the fire classes A, B and F they can be applied to all typical household incipient fires and even to grease fires. Who ever had to experience a burning pan or deep fryer knows with which speed cooking oil and fat can self-inflame. Applying the wrong extinguishing agent e.g. water would result a so called grease explosion.
As burning fat or oil is already several hundred degrees Celsius hot, added water evaporates immediately. Because of this explosive evaporation the burning fat is flunged out of the pan. With the Jockel Design Extinguisher you are on the safe side.

Currently following designs are available in different colors:




Design extinguisher "BUTTERFLY"

So that safety can spread as light as a butterfly, this fire extinguisher is just perfect. An ideal companion and a great gift for all, you would like to protect. A considerate idea to childbirth or a birthday of a loving person.


Design extinguisher "The BOSS"

Whoever is your boss in your life is up to you. But it does not harm you to have this strong partner by your side. You will see, with firefighting he is the boss and will protect you safely. In this case the assignment of the roles is indeed acceptable.


Design extinguisher "MY HOME"

Fashion lovers and gourmet chefs attention! You are a safety-conscious or safety-aware person but a red fire extinguisher has never fitted into your design concept before? With this extinguisher we provide a timeless and stylish.


Design extinguisher "LICENSE"

For bright-eyed girls and  hard-nosed boys who seize the initiative of the subject „safety at home“. With this fire extinguisher you have the official license to extinguish.

Design extinguisher "CUPCAKE"

To all sweet-teeth, gourmets, pastry lovers, cupcake makers and baking fairies: It is time to commit yourself to your love of the sweet seduction. This fire extinguisher stands by you, should something go wrong during baking, roasting, deep-frying or flambé. But also all other incipient fires all around your coffee table you will have safely under control.


Design extinguisher "ERASURE"

If different life really exists on other planets, we do not know. But this fire extinguisher is luckily enough not light years away and still develops unbelievable forces while firefighting. You can feel lucky, having such a terrestrial helper by your side.


Tecnical data of the all-round fire extinguishers of the Color Up-line:


Rating Temperature range

Discharge time/Discharge range

Height Width Weight.
2l wet chemical for fat fires 5 A 34 B 40 F -30°C to +60°C 14 sec.
6 m
358 mm 130 mm 4,1 kg






Important note:

Because of the different colors, design extinguishers cannot comply with the DIN EN 3 directly and therefore require for operation a special certificate of exemption authorized by the official department of fire protection and working council. No authorization is needed for private use only.



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