Why fire extinguishers from Jockel?
There are many reasons to choose Jockel

A situation where fire sparks is an emergency in which we react stressed, in panic and fear.
No fire victims, no material damage, no business breakdown, no environmental impact are caused the faster fire is efficiently extinguished. This is why our aim at Jockel is to provide extinguishers which are easy to handle, that even an untrained user knows what to do and fire can be eliminated immediately.

Quality made in Germany

Easy handling, recognizable/ distinguishable functionality at once, maximum extinguishing efficiency/ performance, as well as comprehensive product safety are important for a successfully extinguishing. We rely on Made in Germany, since this seal still represents perfect quality.

Maximum ratings for more protection

Our maximum ratings demonstrate that even untrained operators will get additional potential in extinguishing and gives him the opportunity to control fire rapidly without any practice.

The environment in mind

Despite the demand for higher extinguishing performance, the environmental sustainability and disposal is one of the major issues of the 21st century. Therefore in recognition of our share of responsibility for the environment we have committed to reduce the part of fluorine in all foam extinguishers to the absolute minimum. Our foam extinguishers feature sustainable compositions with improved economical degradability.


PDF-Overview Jockel fire extinguishers


Fire extinguishers according to extinguishing agents

Foam extinguishers
Controlled extinguishing

Foam extinguishers are perfect for initial fire of fire classes A and B. Because of a nearly traceless removal, foam is ideal for living areas and office places.

Foam extinguishers

Powder extinguishers

Due to a wide scope of operation in fire classes A, B and C powder extinguishers are particularly suitable for manufacturing companies and heating installations. Also available with high-performance extinguishing agents.
 Powder extinguishers

Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Traceless extinguishing

Due to its gaseous form CO2 is heavier than air and spreads fast from the ground all over the source of fire. Thus it blocks oxygen and smothers the fire quick and effectively. Leaving no residues Carbon dioxide is the cleanest way of extinguishing.
Carbon dioxide extinguishers

Extinguishers for grease fires
Special solutions for kitchens

If you ever stood in front of a burning pan or a fryer you know how fast fat can ignite itself. If then the wrong extinguishing agent is used such as water, it will violently vaporize and will spray burning fat everywhere. For a successful fire fighting of grease fire (fire class F) Jockel provides special extinguishers  suitable for fire classes A, B, and F.
Extinguishers for grease fires

Water extinguishers
Proven over many years

Water is the oldest way of extinguishing fire. It is used for combustible fire and solid organic material.
Due to innovative nozzles and active extinguishing additives, water increased effectiveness and durability.

Water extinguisher

Special fire extinguishers
for individual requirement

High temperatures and chemical processes demand special solutions for successful fire protection.

Therefore Jockel offers special extinguishers for Metal fire and B C classes.

Metal for fire extinguishers


Operation systems of Jockel fire extinguishers

To alleviate operating with fire extinguishers for the user, fire protection concepts emphasize
to have one standard operating system. This is why you can find Jockel fire extinguishers with different extinguishing agents within one line or product family.

Classic/Universal line
Cartridge operated

by activating the push button, controllable discharge using extinguishing pistol
Extinguishing agent
foam, cartridge, powder, water, fat fire (also available with high-performance extinguishing agents)
Sizes 6-12kg/6-9l

System line
Cartridge operated

and dosage by using lever
Extinguishing agent
foam, cartridge, powder, water, fat fire (also available with high-performance extinguishing agents)
Sizes 6-12kg/3-9l

Carbon dioxide
Stored pressure

and dosage by using lever
Extinguishing agent Carbon dioxide
Sizes 2 and 5 kg

Mini line
Stored pressure

Operation and dosage by using lever or push button valve
Extinguishing agent Foam, powder, grease fires
Sizes 1-2kg/2-3l

Standard line
Stored pressure

Operation and dosage by using lever
Extinguishing agent Foam, powder, water, grease fires
Sizes 6-12kg/3-9l

Mobil line

Operation device-specific
Extinguishing agent Foam, powder, water, gel, grease fire, carbon dioxide
Sizes 10-250kg/50l-250l

Special solutions

High temperatures and chemical processes are particular requirements of the industry and therefore different in terms of fire protection. This is why Jockel provides you with special solutions and special extinguishing agents. Please contact us for further information.

Permanent pressure

Sprinklers should be installed in areas where supervising/ monitoring is impossible.
If temperature increases, the sprinklers are starting themselves automatically. Then the sprinklers will spread the extinguishing agent all over the fire source. Unnoticed fire will be eliminated immediately.

Security with design in mind

Jockel Design-extinguishers combine ambitious aesthetic with security. It perfectly fits into a harmonized Interior.

Further information

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