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Fire fighting for production and storage areas


The requirements to fire protection within the industry, i.e. for buildings, that serve the production or the storage of products and goods, are naturally slightly more extensive than a pure run office. As well as smaller as also larger companies have to deal with fire protection within a risk analysis in order to avoid economical and liability risks.

Typical fire risks within the trade and industry are electrical fires caused by damaged insulation, bad connections or overloaded electrical power cables. But also working with open fires and light, e.g. when welding, grinding or soldering, are potential sources of ignition. Not to forget are storage and laboratory areas where explosive mixture can develop. Especially high is the fire risk when easy flammable material is stored.

Worldwide we offer fire extinguishers „Made in Germany “and special products for special requirements.


Mobile Solutions - Made in Germany

Mobile extinguishers are ideal when larger quantities of fire extinguishers need to be kept and these must be brought flexibly to the fire. The mobile devices are available in addition to ABC powder, carbon dioxide and foam with special extinguishing agents such as BC powder.


BC and BCK powders have a very high purity due to the raw materials used. BCK extinguishing powder based on potassium carbonate has a larger and more efficient extinguishing effect than pure BC powder.

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Fire extinguishers for metal fires - Made in Germany

The Jockel metal fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing magnesium or aluminum fires as well as lithium fires. In general, metal fires are very dangerous because of their very high temperatures. Therefore, a fire class D was specifically introduced for metal fires. In order to delete these successfully, a special extinguishing powder was developed.


So that the burning metal chips are not whirled up and spread the fire thereby, the extinguishing agent is applied via a special applicator (trickle nozzle) almost without pressure on the fire. In order not to endanger the user, the metal fire extinguisher is equipped with a lance

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Fire fighting of alcohols

Common foam agents would be destroyed by the burning alcohol liquides. To be able to extinguish fires of disinfectants or other alcohol mixtures , Jockel developed an allround extinguisher to fight polar and non-polar fires.

Because the extinguisher can be applied to non-polar as well as polar fires, this extinguisher is especially ideal when the user does not have 100% knowledge of the burning liquids` nature or their mixture.


In addition, we offer the following services

Fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Mobile solutions Fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Risk assessments for fire protection
Fire safety regulations
Escape and rescue route plans and their identification
Smoke and heat extraction
Smoke detectors
Booster stations
Fire detection systems
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