Safety for man and life is a matter of utmost priority on high sea and this must be secured with a comprehensive fire prevention system because it is often difficult to escape in times of emergency, external help in real time is almost impossible. Inoperability up until sinking is the consequence at the centre of all challenges.

The possibility of fire on board a ship is not at all improbable. Forgotten candles, afterglow of cigarettes, heated cooking fat while cooking, short-circuit on the electrical system, overheating in engine and heater blowers are all adequate sources that may lead to a real inferno of flames in connection with fast burning materials that are found on ships.

It is therefore even more important to extinguish incipient fire in a manner that is as protective of the surroundings as possible to avoid causing much damage to such surroundings as well.

In this case, Jockel offers fire extinguishers that are approved for shipping in accordance with the ship equipment guidelines.



What does the guideline Richtlinie 96/98/EG mean?

The guideline 96/98/EG is a Marine Equipment Directive – MED. It defines the criteria necessary to adhere to the same safety level within the European Community. The guideline (directive) applies for all vessels operating under the flag of the European Membership within international Sea traffic. Since coming into force, the vessel equipment (marine equipment) is subject to the EU compliance tests and has to be authorized and registered by a notified body. Authorized/ Registered products are labelled with a wheelmark as symbol for the compliance identification.


Since the Jockel fire extinguishers are designed in modular system, maintenance can be performed in a particularly efficient manner. Device types of the same construction enormously reduce the demand for spare parts. This advantage is particularly beneficial when the need arises to maintain a stockpile of spare parts on high sea.

Fire extinguisher with MED license (excerpt):

5 kg carbon dioxid fire extinguisher K5J for areas of electronics

6 kg powder fire extinguisher P 6 JK 55 for engine areas

6 l fire extinguisher for grease fire F 6 J Plus 21 usable for classes A B and F and especially for kitchen fires


Fire extinguishers should be maintained also on board smaller ships such as leasure boats and yachts. Of course, the crew shall also be trained in advance in the handling of a fire extinguisher. In case of fire, every second counts. If discovered on time, even the layman stands a good chance to extinguish the fire in the emerging phase. High quality smoke detectors should therefore be installed as well.

Important, all firefighting agents should be maintained regularly.

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