Fire fighting for commercial areas

More safety for shopping and business areas

A fire in an office building or a shop is always a catastrophe. Firstly, the business assets can be destroyed and much worse, when employees or customers are harmed. Even when the smoke has cleared, the case remains hot for insurances and public interest. Not only uncomfortable questions may be asked but also civil and criminal consequences may also threat. Therefore, it is important that all fire protection rules are traceably adhered to and a risk assessment is fulfilled and the fire protection measures are implemented. 


We are your partner for

Portable fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Mobile fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Risk assessmet for fire fighting (only available in Germany)
Fire safety regulations (only available in Germany)
Escape routes planning and signing
Education of safety teams
Gestellung von Brandschutzbeauftragten
Smoke and heat extraction systems
Fire protection doors
Fire detection systems
Smoke detectors
Fire extinguishing systems
Wall hydrants
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