Residential property industry

Protection for home and residence


Especially in the congested urban areas the need for housing is growing hugely. In order to create more apartments, the vertical and horizontal expansion is increasing continuously. On compressed areas more and more residential areas are created. The requirements are growing within fire protection. Where many people come together in even smaller spaces, the danger of fire increases. For all incipient fires in residential property areas, we can provide customized solutions any size or kind.

We offer fire protection solutions for owners, joint ownerships and property management, as well as for landlords who want to protect their homes.

We are your partner for

Portable fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Mobile fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Risk assessmet for fire fighting (only available in Germany)
Fire safety regulations (only available in Germany)
Escape routes planning and signing
Smoke and heat extraction systems
Fire protection doors
Fire detection systems
Smoke detectors
Fire extinguishing systems
Wall hydrants
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