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Even though there is no legal regulation for private usage, it is still advisable to keep fire extinguishers in every household for emergency cases of fire outbreak. The generally held view that a bucket of water would suffice in an emergency case can end up with fatal consequences. Fire may spread extremely fast while the bucket is being searched for and filled up and thus develop into an outbreak that is far beyond control. Water is also not always suited for every fire. In case of grease fire for instance, the user may even be exposed to more danger because it would lead to grease explosion.

Fire prevention in private circles should be such a matter-of-course as is fastening the safety belt in cars. With our products, you will be on the safe side.

Color Up - Allround extinguisher

Fire extinguishers in private areas must not necessarily be red. Therefore trendy solutions in Jockel that links fire prevention with design. Stylish colours and trendy expressions turn the fire extinguisher into a beautiful eye-catcher. At the same time, this all-round talent of the fire classes A, B and F is well suited for fires that are customary for all households and even for grease fire in kitchens. Therefore the user doesn’t need to give it a long thought because he has the right helper readily available. By the way, also suited for the interior of camping vehicles.

Car extinguishers in modern design

It is fine to discover the world with the car. It is even better if this is done in safely. With the mini fire extinguisher Discoverer PSF 1 JM8 on board however, you will be able to enjoy the trip with your family or friend with some peace of mind without giving up on a space in the car.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detector should be a standard fitment in every bedroom and should be available in every corridor or emergency escape route. Several construction ordinances at state level have already rendered the possession of smoke detectors compulsory and that is a pretty reasonable thing to do. In the night, the sense of smell sleeps. Fire is then hardly noticed. Jockel keeps in stock, a comprehensive programme of 10-year detectors that are able to survive without the annoying battery-changing procedure, up until radio-linked solutions, which for instance, would be able to signal to the upper floor, any fire outbreak in the cellar. Even hazard-detecting systems that cleverly combine fire prevention with burglary prevention are obtainable. Learn more


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