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Fire extinguishers for oil and gas production an refineries


Fire in oil and gas extraction plants, tank storage systems in petro chemical and refineries, where crude oil is refined to products like petrol, diesel, heating oil, liquid gas and bitumen, is a high threat for people, facility and also the environment.

A special risk emerges from the hydrocarbons of the propellants. They can ignite easily and thereby develop a high temperature.
Especially critical is the situation on an oil rig. In the middle of the sea surrounded by salt water, exposed to heavy storms and also extreme waves, it is a must to eliminate fires in their incipient phase, so that the fire does not spread onto other areas of the offshore platform.

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Solutions from our fire extinguisher portfolio:


Trolleys - Made in Germany

Mobile extinguisher are the best choice when large quantities of fire extinguisher need to be maintained and carried to the fire flexibly. These are available with ABC-powder, carbon dioxide, foam and even specialized media like BC-powder. BC and BCK powder are high in purity due to the used inserted material.  BCK extinguishing powder based on potassium carbonate has a higher extinguishing effect than simple BC-powder. Learn more

Fire extinguishers for metal fires - Made in Germany

Jockel metal fire extinguisher are suitable for extinguishing magnesium and aluminum, as well as lithium fire. In general, metal fires are particularly dangerous because of the high temperatures. Therefore a peculiar fire classification D was developed. In order to prevent burning cuttings from whirling up and spreading the fire, the extinguishing medium is applied via a special applicator with nearly no pressure. Metal fire extinguishers are equipped with a lance, thereby the user cannot be endangered. Learn more


 Jockel fire extinguishers are, of course, accredited to recognized standards.

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