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In addition to spoiling guests with niceties, ambience and services, fire prevention also forms a part of the positive image of a hotel, guesthouse and restaurant. If any damage occurs, guests stay away and expenses mount. Given the possible hazards to humans, hoteliers and caterers bear a special responsibility because they owe a duty to protect the health and life of their guests. Even without the occurrence of any damage, insufficient fire prevention also damages the image and thereby, the survival of the enterprise. A comprehensive and thorough fire prevention system thus portends a two-fold benefit.


Our services

Portable fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Mobile fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Risk assessmet for fire fighting (only available in Germany)
Fire safety regulations (only available in Germany)
Escape routes planning and signing
Education of safety teams
Gestellung von Brandschutzbeauftragten
Smoke and heat extraction systems
Fire protection doors
Fire detection systems
Smoke detectors
Fire extinguishing systems
Wall hydrants
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