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Fire protection in doctors` practices, hospitals and in homes for th elderly


What makes the firefighting in medical institutes so special? The fire protection in doctors ‘practice, hospitals and other medical facilities need to consider several aspects:

Firstly, people having to be there are mostly not fully mobile. And in case of a fire the factor „time” gains even more meaning when third parties have to help during an evacuation of each person.  

Additionally, when a fire occurs it may be that even local people and patients have difficulties to orient themselves in the smoke. It gets especially dangerous, when the already toxic smoke becomes even more hazardous to health through burning stored medical liquids. Also radiation and the circulation of infectious material are possible. Apart from rescuing people, fire protection also has to also take account of the expensive investments.

Medical facilities contain high technologized medical devices and apparatus whereby their value can quickly sum up into millions.

Within the area of mobile firefighting of incipient fires, Jockel offers additionally to the regular fire extinguishers also special solutions:

Residue-free solutions

Carbon dioxide extinguishers extinguish without leaving residues. Soiling through the extinguishing agent is prevented. For this reason, they are well suited for sensitive areas. Moreover, Jockel also offers this fire extinguisher in anti-magnetic form in such a way that it can be applied in magnetic areas (magnetic fields).

Fighting burning alcoholic liquids such as disinfection agents

Regular foam-type fire extinguishers are basically destroyed by burning alcohol. To be able to extinguish fire from disinfection agents or other alcoholic agents however, Jockel has developed an all-round extinguisher for fighting polar and non-polar materials.

Since the extinguisher can be used for non-polar as well as polar fires, this extinguisher is ideal only if the user is not 100% certain about the nature of the burning liquids or their mixture.

In addition, we offer the following services

Fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Mobile solutions Fire extinguishers - Made in Germany
Risk assessments for fire protection
Fire safety regulations
Escape and rescue route plans and their identification
Smoke and heat extraction
Smoke detectors
Booster stations
Fire detection systems
Wall hydrants
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