Fire protection on roads and tracks
Safety for heavy duty vehicles, buses and agricultural machines

A problem in the electronic system, leakage in the tank, technical defect in the engine compartment and the vehicle is up in flames in no time, particularly if the vehicle is frequently and intensively used. With a fire extinguisher on board, incipient fire can be fought and material damages restrained. If people are trapped in an accident, they can be rescued.

Fire extinguishers are obligatory in commercially used vehicles. In several European countries, this also applies to the private individual. What matters is to have the fire extinguisher handy and fast in the event of fire. It therefore makes a lot of sense to place it professionally and safely under the driver’s seat or the driver’s cabin.

Our fire protection solutions within the automobile area:


Mini-fire extinguisher for the interior of vehicles

The Jockel mini-fire extinguishers are small and compact and therefore ideal for the interior of vehicles. They are ideally mounted under the driver’s seat.

Mini-Feuerlöscher discoverer PSF 1 JM for the interior of vehicles

A special fire extinguisher for private cars. Given its very compact dimensions, this fire extinguisher can be stored away even in the smallest of cars.

Powder extinguisher for entrainment in agricultural machines, buses and heavy duty vehicles

Above all, the Jockel high-performance extinguisher P6JK 55 with an extinguishing capacity of 15 LE is suited for entrainment in agricultural machines, buses and heavy duty vehicles. Jockel offers storage facilities for safe fastening.


Extinguishing facilities for the interior of engines




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