Airports are truly an example of multifunctional structures: In addition to the runaways, manoeuvring areas and tarmacs, terminals with check-in and luggage handling areas are very much a part of the airport as are freight and logistics centres as well as gastronomy and shopping areas and transport connecting points such as train and bus stations and parking lots. With their modern glass and steel façades, more and more airports are turning into sophisticated architectonic structures. A high level of public traffic with people of different nationalities, who are not necessarily in good command of the language of the country, turns the airport into a hub. A fire prevention system must be able to cope with all such exigencies.

The extensive package of fire extinguishers offered by Jockel also contains special solutions for the special standards required at airports:


Residue-free extinguishing in wheel wells

Carbon dioxide extinguishers extinguish without leaving residues. With 20 KG of extinguishing agent, the wheeled K 20 J fire extinguisher ensures a far-reaching stockpile of extinguishing agents. Safe firefighting is also possible in wheel wells thanks to the extra-long lances. Find out more

Wheeled fire extinguishers for terminals

Wheeled fire extinguishers with a stockpile of extinguishing agents of up to 100 kg of ABC powder or 50 l of foam extinguishing agents are the solution whenever the need for a huge amount of extinguishing agents arises at short notice such as in the gate area – indoors and outdoors.
Find out more about wheeled devices

Environmentally friendly high performance extinguishers

the 6l and 9l fire extinguishers W6J 34 and W9J 43 stand out for their enormous extinguishing power of 10 or 12 LE. Moreover, the extinguishing agent is easy to dispose of.


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