Safety data sheets
Excerpts for your information


Just click on the name/type of fire extinguisher and the excerpt of the safety data appears as a PDF document in a new window.



Excerpts of safety data sheets according to agent


PDF-Download JoMix AB AR GREEN
PDF-Download Bio Super Premix
PDF-Download Furex LM950 PL3-96
PDF-Download JoMix A
PDF-Download JoMix B

PDF-Download JoMix+JoMixA

Foam - polar

PDF-Download JoMixAB-AR


PDF-Download ABC Standard Powder
PDF-Download ABC Standard Plus Powder
PDF-Download ABC Ultra Powder
PDF-Download BCK
PDF-Download BC

Metall fire

PDF-Download D-Powder GB

Carbon dioxide

PDF-Download Carbon Dioxide


PDF-Download Furex PS 960 PL4-96
PDF-Download Furex KS 930 PL7-94

Grease fire

 PDF-Download Furex Casa SP 41-05
PDF-Download Furex FF SP 34-02

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