Manufacturer´s recommendation for the durability of portable fire extinguishers


Portable fire extinguishers are designed for long-life, providing they are manufactured in accordance with the current state of the art and the standard recognized norms as well as maintained in accordance to the valid norms.

Extinguishing agents have, however, a limited durability. Therefore they have to be checked regularly and, if necessary, exchanged. The maximum mandatory replacement time for extinguishing agents is mentioned in the instructions.*

As long as Jockel fire extinguishers are maintained regularly within the mandatory maintenance intervals** in accordance with DIN 14406 T.4 and are maintained under consideration of the maintenance instructions by an approved and authorized specialist in accordance with DIN 14406 T.4 as well as the execution of required audits are performed with positive result in accordance with the Industrial Safety Regulations by an authorized person in accordance with TRBS 1203/3.2, a long durability of the device can be reached. This in turn, of course, depends on the operating conditions the fire extinguisher is exposed to.

Basically, we recommend an entire duration of use of maximum 25 years and exchange the fire extinguisher latest after this time.

An application of the device beyond its intended use would make a risk analysis by the operating company, i.e. user under consideration of its operating conditions necessary. Because the cost therefore bears no economical relation in contrast to procuring a new device, we provide approved spare parts and necessary instructions only for the period of 25 years.


*Specific information for Milieukeur marked extinguishers:

The maximum mandatory replacement time (depending on national regulations) for extinguishing agents of Milieukeur marked extinguishers is 6 years. Refilling and waste disposal only by authorized service companies.


**Dutch market only: Milieukeur marked fire extinguishers (S6LJ Bio plus 34 and S9LJ Bio plus 43) should be handed over to a chemical waste centre or to an authorized service company after at least 20 years.

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