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Fire protection solutions are security equipments – live-savers, in which we need to rely on in case of emergencies. Thoroughly conducted fire protection services are just as important. Whether maintenance of fire extinguishers, smoke and heating systems or extinguishing systems – this work needs to be operated considering the latest state of technology and all applicable standards and regulations. Only in this way security can be ensured. Our national customer service partners are offering a comprehensive support:

The customer service teams of our partner network offer the following services:

Inspection, analyse, consultancy

Get individual advice. Risks, which can cause material damage or business breakdown will be analysed systematically. Based on this a personal fire protection plan will be generated, optimised and realised considering the latest state of technology and all applicable standards and regulations.


Installation and maintenance

Our customer service provides a comprehensive fire protection from consultancy, installation to maintenance. This covers a broad spectrum of fire extinguishers, smoke and heating systems up to fire alarm- and extinguishing systems.


Constructional fire protection

The wide range of competence/skills includes up from a comprehensive consultancy over a pragmatically elaborated planning and projection to an on time fulfilment.


Organisational fire protection

Escape and rescue plans and fire brigade plans as well as the latest fire protection regulations are not only mandatory in practise, but also live-saving. Our partners are experts in organisational fire protection.


Local customer service

You are looking for a local fire protection partner? Contact us +492191.96670.
We will assist you finding your personal contact from our wide network of partners.


Fire protection - an unnecessary cost driver?

Right. Misconceived and misplanned fire protection is not only an unnecessary cost for the investor, but also fails its protection goal in case of fire. The economic stability and the reputation of a successful business could suffer boosting costs even more.

Preventing fire damages is therefore of fundamental importance when it comes to the competitiveness and success of your business. The faster and more efficient fires are tackled, the less harm is done. Property damage, business interruption, delay in delivery, sales and image loss, vulnerability and above all damages to persons can be avoided. You as an entrepreneur are responsible to comply with the legal requirements and to implement the necessary fire precautions in your facility. Each fire protection device can become a decisive competitive factor for you.




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