A cautious exposure with nature is a matter of special importance to us and it affects our action

Sparing use of paper, energy-conscious production and reduced use of packaging materials are a matter of course to us. We try to apply these standards to our products as well. In addition to fire-protection technical demand for higher extinguishing power, environmental compatibility and environment-friendly disposal are also at the central focus of the 21st century.

Perfluorinated surfactants have been noticed because of their long half-life. Therefore, in recognition of our share of responsibility for the environment we have committed to reduce the share of fluorine in all foam extinguishers to the absolute minimum, even though we cannot entirely dispense with it in foam extinguishing agents for fire-protection technical reasons.

In alignment with the defined criteria of Milieukeur certification, the only internationally recognised Ecolabel, which defines environmental qualities and verifies them in a special procedure, we have developed our extinguishers with a high-performance foam and reduced the fluorine content to a minimum while increasing the share of environmentally friendly components. We wanted to voluntarily undercut the strict Milieukeur requirements regarding fluorine share, and we have successfully done so in all Jockel Bio foam extinguishers. We also have replaced perfluorinated surfactants with polyfluorinated surfactants (polyFT). Of course, Jockel dispenses with PFOS and PFOA. Additionally, we managed to achieve an extinguishing rating of 43 A with our foam extinguishers, even in the 6 l-version. Once again, we showed that extinguishing output and consideration of environmental protection are reconcilable.


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