A clear vision in sight


We are strongly dedicated to fighting fire and protecting the lives of man and animals. Our values are very important for this. Learn more about our vision and what drives us.
For more than 70 years the focus of our action has been man. His life and property must be protected and our corporate success must be sustainably secured. We rely on a consistent value system to achieve this:


Safety is the highest law

Fire extinguishers are safety products – vital life-savers when things get serious. We rely on high quality standards, strict quality inspections and continuous process optimisation to warrant this. Systematic removals of deviations, high traceability and ability to deliver quickly, as well as 100% customer satisfaction are the top objectives of our quality policy.

  • Quality starting in development

    In comprehensive tests, new developments are systematically progressed from the draft to the test stage and into carefully planned prototypes. Detailed technical feasibility inspections during planning and production, as well as special tests and prototype deployments are among the decisive quality measures here. This also means that we observe our construction kit system to keep the repair costs and spare parts supply as low as possible.
  • Quality inspections from the first

    Even the input materials are selected with greatest care and according to firmly defined quality parameters. We will not accept any deliveries of lower quality to achieve price reductions. During production, samples are drawn and tested continually according to a comprehensive inspection plan.
  • Quality assurance in the operations

    A dense control system ensures that impairments of quality are recognised early on. Jockel places high value on trained employees. Specific development measures for retention and facilitation of technical competence are performed regularly. With a strategic purchase and strict disposition criteria, we can ensure that the goods are received by the customer quickly.


Strong in a team together

Close dialogue with our customers and suppliers enables us to form long-term partnerships characterised by reliability, believability and mutual trust. As supplier of our customers, we support them in finding the best solution for the end customer from industry, commerce or the end consumer. Individual customer solutions or special solutions are our passion. And if necessary, we also provide them over night.


Today for tomorrow

We take the initiative and implement ideas that take our customers forward. What risks will our customers be facing tomorrow? What materials need to be extinguished in future? How do we reconcile extinguishing of fires and environmental protection? The challenges to fire protection in industry, road traffic or at home are continually growing in the scope of technical progress. We are facing new tasks. We proactively adjust to a continually changing world.
Our innovative power is fed both by internal and external know-how. Internally, our employees work every day to develop better performing, more application-friendly or more environmentally friendly products. Externally, we have a partner network that we are developing continually. Thus, we are able to recognise trends early and consider them in our work.



Made in Germany

We are at home in Germany – or, more precisely, in Remscheid in the Bergisches Land. This region at the rivers Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper, with the three towns of Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid, offers a unique, attractive landscape. Hills and narrow valleys, reservoirs, rivers and brooks, historic buildings and picturesque town cores with unique architecture. We produce traditionally here.
Developing and supporting this regional market position and thus sustainably securing the site of Germany require entrepreneurial courage in particular for small and medium-sized companies. We would like to continue to support our site and secure and create jobs in future as well. It is important to us that we give Germany a perspective assuming responsibility for employees and giving our youth a future. We rely on Made in Germany, since this seal still represents perfect quality.


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