To protect life, we are searching for solutions.
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Fire. An element of life. Source of light, energy and warmth. Fire is inventive and creative but yet destructive. If it gets out of control it could have devastating effects on man, animals and the environment within the shortest of time. To prevent this we are here for you.

As one of the leading manufacturer of fire extinguishers we offer a wide range of innovative and practice-oriented solutions for your safety whether in the industry, in public or at your home. Jockel stands for quality products, high-performance extinguishers with comfortable usage and comprehensive product-safety – Made in Germany.



We are strongly dedicated to fighting fire and protecting the lives of man and animals. Our values are very important for this. Learn more about our vision and what drives us.
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More than 70 years ago, great-grandfather Emil Jockel laid the foundation with his tool trade. Innovations, patents and continuous customer alignment facilitated the company's growth.
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