Fire hazard of lithium-ion batteries


With advanced technologies, especially when using lithium-ion batteries

and their growing widespread use, the risk of fire also increases.


Many questions - JOCKEL has answers and solutions to this topic!



Catalogue Fire Hazards of Li-Ion

Our extensive product catalog "Fire hazards of lithium-ion batteries"
contains a specially developed portfolio of


- special EN-3 and EN-1866 gel fire extinguishers,

- extinguishing blankets (suitable for automobiles and electric forklifts),

- protective devices for storage and transport,

- fire protection signs as well as,

- important personal protective equipment (PPE).




For the focal points risk assessment (often standardised fire protection concepts of lithium battery fires
simply do not lead to the desired success
), individual concepts for storage and transport, handling of
conspicuous batteries
and which measures are to be taken after fire fighting we provide topic-specific digitized checklists:


Haken ChecklisteChecklist for the risk assessment of lithium-ion batteries
according to the S-T-O-P principle (substitution | technical measures | organizational measures | personal and behavior-related safety measures)



Haken Checkliste
Checklist for dealing with "suspicious" batteries
signs, measures, first aid



Haken Checkliste
Checklist for measures to be taken after firefighting with lithium-ion batteries
fire remediation, contaminated areas, disposal



Haken Checkliste
Sample of operating instructions
protective measures and rules of conduct in the event of malfunctions, accidents, first aid





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